Fair Haven, New Jersey
Borough of Fair Haven, New Jersey

JCP&L Expands Communication Tools

posted: 1, June 24, 2013 at 02:32PM

Dear Fair Haven Friends and Neighbors:  As your Mayor, I am officially asking you to please take time to read the very important information below. Please note that in the event of any power outage, it is essential that every resident who loses power report their outage directly to JCP&L. By doing so, you will assist JCP&L in their overall assessment of the outage, thereby accelerating the restoration process.  I thank you for your anticipated cooperation.  Ben Lucarelli

 JCP&L Expands Communication Tools

In order to provide better communication, JCP&L has introduced some new features, which will provide more detailed local information about power outages, including estimated restoration times.

 The new “MyTown” feature is a comprehensive municipal web page for outage and infrastructure information.  By clicking the “MyTown” link you can view a summary of current outages affecting your town as well as the community’s electric infrastructure.  The “MyTown” features can be accessed at www.firstenergycorp.com/mytown.  Information on the “MyTown” pages is updated approximately every 15 minutes. 

 JCP&L has also enhanced its 24/7 Power Center outage maps, available on computers and mobile devices at www.firstenergycorp.com/outages

 You can now subscribe to receive alert notifications via email or text messages as well as free Smartphone apps for Apple iPhone and Android devices.  You can log in to www.jcp-l.com to update your alert preferences. 

 In order to use these features to their fullest potential, register your account or sign in using your existing account login.  It is vitally important that in the event of an outage, all residents report the outage either by phone, as in the past, or by using these new methods.  The more residents comply by reporting their outages, the better the information JCP&L will have, resulting in a more efficient restoration.  You may now view individual outages, with best-available estimated restoration times, and when available, the cause of the service disruption, by accessing www.firstenergycorp.com/mytown.

 All Fair Haven residents are urged to register now so that they are prepared as we enter into what is projected to be a very active Hurricane season.