Fair Haven, New Jersey
Borough of Fair Haven, New Jersey


posted: 4, September 06, 2018 at 12:00PM





BRUSH: Brush shall mean branches, limbs and debris from cutting and pruning of trees, bushes and shrubbery.  Leaves and grass clippings do not constitute brush.  Place brush in loose piles along the curb. Brush trimmings should not be longer that 4’ and should not be bundled.


LEAVES: Leaves shall mean and include vegetative material, typically generated in the autumn when they fall from trees and then are raked from residents’ and/or commercial lawns within the Borough.  Leaves may ONLY be placed at your curbside, during leaf collection months.  Leaves must be placed separate from brush. If brush is mixed in with leaf piles they will not be picked up. Leaves in plastic bags will not be collected, except for residents on River Road. 

Where do your leaves go? - Leaves are taken to a farm to be used for mulching. Please do not mix any foreign materials, such as brush, wood or stones with leaves as they create problems for the farm animals and machinery.


GRASS: Grass will not be picked up by the Borough. Studies at Rutgers University and other groups have shown grass can safely be left on lawns.



Zone A: Streets West of Hance Road (including houses on the West side of Hance Road)

Zone B: Streets East of Hance Road and West of Fair Haven Road (including houses on the East side of Hance Road and West side of Fair Haven Road)

Zone C: Streets East of Fair Haven Road (including houses on the East side of Fair Haven Road)



Remaining Brush and Leaf collection days are listed below and in the applicable monthly calendar in the Focus on Fair Haven and in the Borough calendar. 


September (Brush ONLY)

Zone A – September 10th (placed curbside between Wednesday September 5th and Sunday September 9th)

Zone B – September 17th (placed curbside between Wednesday September 12th and Sunday September 16th)

Zone C – September 24th (placed curbside between Wednesday September 19th and Sunday September 23rd)


October (Brush and Leaves – SEPARATE PILES)

Zone A – October 9th (placed curbside between Wednesday October 3rd and Sunday October 8th)

Zone B – October 15th (placed curbside between Wednesday October 10th and Sunday October14th)

Zone C – October 22nd (placed curbside between Wednesday October 17th and Sunday October 21st)


November (Leaves ONLY)

Zone A – November 5th (placed curbside between Wednesday October 31st and Sunday November 4th)

Zone B – November 12th (placed curbside between Wednesday November 7th and Sunday November 11th)

Zone C – November 19th (placed curbside between Wednesday November 14th and Sunday November 18th)


December (Leaves ONLY)

Zone A – December 3rd (placed curbside between Wednesday November 28th and Sunday December 2nd)

Zone B – December 10th (placed curbside between Wednesday December 5th and Sunday December 9th)

Zone C – December 17th (placed curbside between Wednesday December 12th and Sunday December 16th)


Once the collection crew goes through a street, they will not return until the next scheduled collection week.