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Police - Records & Reports/Fingerprinting

Records & Reports/Fingerprinting

Reports and Records:

Accident Reports: Accident reports are generally available between 5-7 business days after the date of the event. It is recommended that interested parties contact police headquarters 732-747-0991 to determine if the report is ready. At this point, the inquiring party has two options:

  • They may go to Borough Hall, speak with the clerk and receive a copy of their report following the fee schedule below.
  • They can mail/fax their request to (732)747-7431 attn: Records Clerk. At this point, an O.P.R.A. form will be mailed/faxed back for completion, and a $5.00 charge will need to accompany any completed requests for accident reports that need to be mailed/faxed out. (In accordance with R.S. 39:4-131, this department is not obligated to send out any accident report till both a request form and the appropriate fees are received.)

All Other Police Reports and Records: For copies of any other police reports, an individual can respond to either borough hall or police headquarters and complete an O.P.R.A. form requesting their documents. The individual may or may not be charged a deposit at that time depending on the type of document requested. All requests for reports may take up to seven business days to process. The fee for requested reports is according to the schedule below.

Report Fee Schedule

-Investigation and accident reports by mail/fax $5.00
-Investigation and accident reports in person $0.75 per page
-Fingerprints for borough residents
and businesses
$ FREE $
-All other fingerprints $5.00 per card


Borough residents and business owners are welcome to come to our headquarters ( 35 Fisk Street) and have fingerprints taken on their own fingerprint cards at anytime, free of charge. We do not take appointments for fingerprints. Please also be advised that as we can not possibly foresee how busy our officers may be, we can not guarantee officer availability. Those wishing to have their fingerprints taken may be subject to a short wait or have the option of coming back at a later time. Anyone from out of town who wishes to be fingerprinted, may come in and do so for a charge of $5.00 per card.

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