Fair Haven, New Jersey
Borough of Fair Haven, New Jersey

Police - Explorer Program

Fair Haven Police Explorer Program

The Fair Haven Police Explorer Program is designed for young adults who may be interested in pursuing a future career in law enforcement. Participation in the police explorers will afford these young adults an opportunity to experience the daily operations and internal functions of a police department. In addition, the program will introduce them to the required skills and their application, something that is necessary in fulfilling the duties of a police officer. Young adults will learn and understand certain traits that police officers must possess such as; a hard work ethic, integrity, honesty, courage, respect, and most of all, discipline.

Police explorers will be able to use these traits and skills when conducting themselves in the field. Police explorers will be able to ride along with police officers. By spending time with police officers on duty, explorers are able to see the procedure for handling both motor vehicle stops as well as other calls for service throughout the borough. Police explorers will also be able to assist with crowd control events and traffic direction not only within Fair Haven, but throughout the county.

Anyone interested in becoming a Fair Haven Police Explorer must first meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a resident of Fair Haven or Rumson
  • Must be between the ages of 15 and 20 (14 year-olds have been accepted providing that they have completed the 8th grade.)

We look forward to providing all young adults interested in this program all of our available resources to help them in their pursuit of a career in law enforcement. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact :

Sergeant Jesse Dykstra - jdykstra@fhboro.net or
Patrolman William Lagrotteria - wlagrotteria@fhboro.net

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