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Police - Community and School Programs

Community and School Programs

L.E.A.D. - LAW ENFORCEMENT AGAINST DRUGS (https://leadrugs.org/)

L.E.A.D. is an internationally renowned program that teaches kids the dangers of substance abuse and to resist peer pressure. L.E.A.D. also stresses good decision making by utilizing hands-on activities to reinforce the concepts presented. The program is currently integrated within the 5 th grade health curriculum at Knollwood School.

Fair Haven Police Department Drug Program:

 This program is presented in the 6 th, 7 th, and 8 th grades. The progressive program begins with an introduction to gateway drugs and drug paraphernalia leading into the many different types of substances that our kids use today. Club Drugs, Inhalants, Prescription and Over the Counter Drug abuse are covered as well. The program finishes with the legal consequences of substance abuse and introduction to DWI and its penalties and consequences.

Personal Safety Programs:

This program is taught in the 6 th and 8 th grades. Age specific instruction is provided on the topics of child molestation, pedophiles and date rape. Topics include how predators find and target their victims, what to do if they are approached and some of the tricks used to lure children in. Internet safety is stressed as well.

Community Internet Safety Awareness:

This program is parent based and introduces them to the dangers of the internet. It focuses on what trends and sites our children are visiting and using daily. The presentation includes examples from cases that have occurred locally and includes tips on how to setup a safe internet for your child.

Bike Safety Program:

Each year the Bicycle Safety Officers conduct a bike safety program twice a year in each of the two schools. Proper bicycle attire, bicycle laws, and riding techniques are discussed.

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