Fair Haven, New Jersey
Borough of Fair Haven, New Jersey

Planning Board

Judy Fuller, Planning Board Secretary


732-747-0241 ext. *212.

2019 Planning Board Members            Term Expiration

William Folker, Class IV                               12/31/2019 

James Ingle, Class IV                                  12/31/2020

Todd Lehder, Class IV                                 12/31/2020  

Brian Rice, Class II                                     12/31/2021

Dave Bordelon, Class IV                              12/31/2022

James Newell, Class IV                                12/31/2022

Andrew Sobel, Class IV                                12/31/2022

Michael Borneo, Class I                               12/31/2022

Frederick Rolff, Alternate #1                       12/31/2019

Michael Criscola, Alternate #2                     12/31/2019


Douglas Kovats, Esq. – Board Attorney

Richard Gardella – Board Engineer

Councilwoman Koch, Class III - 2019 Council Liaison


The Planning Board is responsible for the preparation and adoption of the Master Plan, which is the guide for development of the community. It reviews and recommends adoption of all amendments to the Land Development Ordinance.

The Planning Board also reviews all proposed subdivision of land for compliance with Article VII of the Land Development Ordinance, which contains all standards for development of new streets, sewers, and utilities.

The Planning Board is charged under the Land Development Ordinance with the responsibility to review all site plans, parking projects and major building projects for proper design and drainage according to standards.

The following materials can be obtained from or reviewed in the Planning Board Office:
• Copies of the Master Plan can be purchased and/or reviewed. 
• Applications for Site Plan and Sub-divisions can be obtained.

If you have any further questions, please contact Judy Fuller in the Planning Board Office at 732-747-0241 ext. *212.

The hours for the Planning and Zoning Board Office are:
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.