Fair Haven, New Jersey
Borough of Fair Haven, New Jersey

Garbage and Recycling Schedule

Garbage Collection Schedule (gray bin)
Fall & Winter - 1 collection per week
Zones 1 & 2                      Monday
Zones 3 & 4                      Tuesday
Summer - 2 collections per week  - Week of May 15th through September 30th
Zones 1 & 2                      Monday & Thursday
Zones 3 & 4                      Tuesday & Friday

Recycling Collection Schedule - Year Round (blue can)

Recycling Collection will be every Wednesday for all four collection zones; however the collection of recyclables will be changed to a single-stream method, which will allow residents to place all recyclable items including cans, bottles, plastics, newspapers and cardboard into the same recycling container. Cardboard may no longer be placed next to your recycling container; it must be placed inside your recycling container.


Click Here for the Garbage & Recycling ZONE MAP.

General Instructions:

Trash - Household Refuse is collected twice each week during warm months, from May 15th through September 30th, and once each week from October 1st through May 14th. Hazardous items and construction items are not permitted. Please ensure that your Borough can is at the curb no earlier than 5pm the night prior to scheduled collection and no later than 6am the day of collection. Cans must be removed from the curb within 24 hours of collection. The lids must fit tightly when placed at the curb. Additional cans may be purchased at Borough Hall and those with more than one trash container per address will be charged additional tipping fees. Please refer to the calendar for changes in schedule due to holidays. There is no less than seven days between collection days. Remember to look in the Focus or call Borough Hall for schedule changes on public holidays.

Hazardous Waste such as paint, pool chemicals, pesticides, solvents, anti-freeze, cleaners, used motor oil, car batteries, and aerosol cans should not be thrown out with regular trash or brought to public works. The Borough is prohibited from collecting these items. These items are accepted by the County at its facility in Tinton Falls by appointment. Call 732-683-8686 for details. The Borough is prohibited from collecting items of medical waste such as syringes.

Construction Materials are not accepted by the Borough in Household or Bulk Collection. Please make arrangements to dispose of items such as cabinets, drywall, lumber, concrete, etc. with Monmouth County 732-683-8686.


Residents may drop off commingled and paper/cardboard recyclables in person at the Recycling Center on the south side of the Public Works facility Monday - Friday 8 am until dusk and Saturday 9 am until dusk.

Paper/Cardboard - Newspapers, corrugated cardboard, and other mixed paper shall be placed in your blue recycling container. Cardboard should be cut up enough to fit in blue recycling container.

Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, Tin (Commingled) – Number 1 and 2 plastic bottles only can be recycled, e.g. pourable plastic containers with the neck smaller than the body. Clear green and brown glass are to be placed in the blue recycling container with any caps or rings removed. White, blue, windowpane, drinking glass, margarine tubs, diapers, wipe containers, toys, 5 gallon buckets, and plant pots should be thrown out with trash. Aluminum and tin are also accepted. Foil cooking dishes are to be considered trash. Labels from tin cans may be left on. Failure to comply with Borough Recycling regulations may result in a summons.

Other Items - Used Motor Oil is not accepted at the Public Works yard. By state law, service stations which change oil must accept up to ten gallons of used oil.

Household Batteries - (except button-type batteries) are now considered household waste and should be placed in your Borough issued trash receptacle. Button type batteries may be brought to Borough Hall.

You may contact Suburban  Disposal at 973-227-7020 to schedule an extra pickup or a spring clean-up container for an additional cost. A wide variety of bulk items that are no longer needed at your home may be suitable for recycling at the Monmouth County facility. You may call the Monmouth County Hotline at 732-683-8686. Monmouth County Hazmat at 732-683-8686 can answer questions about the disposal of hazardous materials. Special facilities will accept items not collected by the Borough such as construction debris as well as computers, small appliances, clothing and packing materials. 

- You may contact Betty Ann Berube, at Borough Hall, at 732-747-0241 ext. *219 for a list of these resources.