Fair Haven, New Jersey
Borough of Fair Haven, New Jersey

Fair Haven Fields Natural Area

In 1975, the Borough acquired a 77 acre nursery tract in 1975 with assistance from HUD and Green Acres. The 37 acres western side is devoted to tennis courts and ball fields. The mostly-wooded 40 acres of the Haven Fields Natural Area on the eastern side has been set aside as a “natural” park with trails and a pond. A 12-car gravel parking lot is located on the north side of Ridge Road.

The Fair Haven Fields Advisory Committee assists the Borough with the management of the Natural Area.

Message from Dick Fuller, Fair Haven Fields Advisory Committee Chair.

“You meet nature on her own terms in the Natural Area. In the middle of Fair Haven you can get away from the impositions of the built and artificial. No longer are trees, grass and flowers kept to a land- and streetscape. Nature rules. The Natural Area is a micro wilderness with trails to follow, or to lose yourself on through forest, or meadow, or even along side a pond. You also see what wise action made of rare opportunity; Fair Haven residents acted to save open nursery land from development, and then to let half of it devolve naturally. Unfortunately natural processes alone no longer produce a viable Natural Area. Alien invasives currently threaten it. We will need to act wisely to save wilderness from wildness. If you would care to join in the effort, please feel free to contact me through Borough Hall on 732-747-0241 ext. 219.

Fair Haven Natural Area Trail Map

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